Talkin' Kicks 3.0 HOODIE - PREORDER

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We're back with Version 3 of our tee with our new TK monogram logo design. Red ink screen printed on black shirts. This is a PREORDER and the plan is to have them around season 7 start 14Nov. 

These are standard fit hoodie that you'd pick up from your closest department store. Nothing more, nothing less. Solid quality, would not recommending drying in the dryer, but you CAN do that. As with any material you toss in the dryer, it will have some shrinkage over time. PLEASE NOTE. Image is digital representation. The pull strings will be standard pull string, not the thicker shoe string as pictured. 

****IF we end this listing and we don't have enough to proceed, I will refund you your money. No harm, no foul. If you are DETERMINED to have a shirt, I can go an alternate route for the shirts, it may cost a few more bucks but it can be done. We can discuss that for those who are dead set on having a shirt. We appreciate you.